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Performance Canine Association

As a sanctioning and governing organization for canine sporting events, Performance Canine Association (PCA) provides a safe and structured environment for lure coursing. All dogs are welcome to participate in our programs, from complete beginners to those in pursuit of a national title.

We are, first and foremost, dog lovers. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed seeing our own dogs train for and win various competitive events. We are experienced judges, trainers and handlers, with expertise ranging from AKC to ASFA. We recognize the need for for all dogs and owners to have the chance to enjoy the thrill of lure coursing and sprint racing.


Are you thinking “out of the box”?  We are!

Sprint Track Racing (also known as Box Racing) is coming to PCA.  Normally reserved for sight hounds, the PCA events will be for all breeds and mixed breed dogs.  Dogs will be started out of a state-of-the-art starting box and chase a lure down a straight course 100 yards long.  Up to 3 dogs of similar size and/or ability will be started together for an exciting race to the finish line.

In the beginning, sprint racing will be done on a practice basis.  However, the ultimate aim is to hold racing programs in which dogs will be awarded points and ribbons in competitive races.  These racing programs are exciting to watch and a great time for the dogs.

Sprint and Lure Coursing Training and Practice Sessions

You are invited to participate in future PCA sprint and lure coursing training and practice sessions.  It doesn’t matter if your dog is a mixed breed or purebred, an experienced racer or a novice, (check our Events Calendar for dates and times), all are encouraged to attend

By attending practices like this, your dog will be taught to chase a plastic bag (we don’t use real bunnies!) and will run alone until his skills are such that he can course against one or two other dogs. All dogs are held and released at the start line by hand (no starting gates).

Even though these open practices are entry level, it’s a great way to keep your dog fit.  Dogs who run the course get a good workout. It’s also a terrific opportunity for dog athletes training in other sports. It’s a proven fact that cross- training is highly recommended for peak performance.

So come join the FUN!  We look forward to meeting you and your pups.

Membership and Fees

Yearly PCA membership is $20.00 per dog. At PCA practices, members get 2 runs for $10.00. Each additional run is $7.00. Non PCA members pay $10.00 per run.

For more information about the Performance Canine Association, email info@pawpalspca.org or visit us on Facebook.

To register your dog for PCA competitions
Email us or call Michael Stoble at 609-903-9892.

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For more information on the Performance Canine Association or to register your dog for PCA competitions contact Mickey Stoble, Founder, Performance Canine Association  Cell: 609-903-9892  info@pawpalspca.org